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2014 Guest Productions

June 2014: Hosted Pittsburgh Pride Theater Festival. Ran June 5-13.

Produced under the auspices of Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company (PPTCO), the Festival showcases one-act plays in which the central characters and stories are lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgendered (LGBT). This festival presents a special opportunity for both LGBTQI and mainstream theatre artists and audience members.

Featured plays:

  • Shaving the Beard, by Nik Nemec, directed by Ted Hoover. With Kyle Coughlin, Anthony Chase Gullikson, and Felicia Cooper.
  • Mercy, by Staci Backauskas, directed by Ja’Sonta Roberts‐Deen. With Jezebele Zbozny-Delpercio and Brittany Dorazio.
  • (Un)Packing, by Keith Foster, directed by Ted Hoover. With Ryan Westwood and Connor Bert.
  • Nightingale, by Carol Mullen, directed by Ja’Sonta Roberts‐Deen. With Alaina Gilchrist, Crystal Noel, Samantha Westervelt, and Sarah Paulson.

Review: City Paper

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