Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Checks can be made out to Pittsburgh Playwrights and mailed to:

The Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company
3515 Iowa Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Or you can charge your donation to a credit card right now.

Patron $25
Supporter $50
Benefactor $100
Leading Role $250
Angel $500
Visionary $1000
Other amount


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Our 2018 Donors

Michael Downing
Jessie Goodman
Mary Russell
Aleta Staton

Our 2017 Donors

Barbara Abramovitz
Andrew Ade
LL Altes
Teresa M Augello
Shirley Biggs
Richard Chesnik
Rosemary K Coffey
Margaret Collins
Patrick W. Conner
Peter Cooke
David Crawford
Thomas Dean
June Pickett Dowdy
Jeanne Drennan
Donnella Drewery
Howard Elson
Marvin Fein
Bryan Fischer
Mark Freeman
Leon and Ann Haley
Joanne Hallock
Charlet Holley
Sherdina Jones
Chris Josephs
Janet Kafka
Richard Kenzie
Hazel Leroy
David Longstreet
Stephanie Lonsinger
Christopher Mark & Mary Denison
Marc Matthews
Randolph Matuscak
Susan McGregor-Laine
Christy L. McGuire
Kenneth McCrory
Rachel Meyers
Mary Morton
Mary Moses
Jonathan Nadle
Katherine Nelson
Hannah Nielsen-Jones
Mel Packer
Charmaine Page
Joni Rabinowitz
Barbara J Rainard
Michael Ramsay
Lillian Reese-McGhee
Daniel Resnick
Jo Riley
Jan Ripper
Barbara Russell
Mary Russell
Karen Scansaroli
Sharon Simpson
Christine Smith
W Henry Snyder
Robert Squires
Judith Starr
Jane Steineck
Irene Surmik
Carol Sutton
Michele Sweeney
Gary & Debbie Truitt
Eileen Weiner
Bob and Arlene Weiner
Peggy Whitehurst
Tiffany Wilhelm
Edwin Woll
Eileen/Kipp Yacknin/Dawson
John Yarbrough
Rita M. Yeasted

Current as of May 1, 2018

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