Board of Directors and Staff

Mark Clayton Southers, Founder and Producing Artistic Director, cell 412-377-7803;

Advisory Board

Lorill “Neicy” Southers
Mark Clayton Southers
Carl R. Southers III

Board of Directors

Dr. Michael Ramsay, President
Mark Clayton Southers, Executive Director
Jamar White, Treasurer
Lorille “Neicy” Readie, Secretary

Don Bell
Lynne Hayes-Freeland
Tawnya Farris-Redwood
Mark A. Freeman
Ryan Scott
Delores Southers
Donna Drewery
Janis Burley Wilson
Susan McGregor-Laine
Carlton Heywood
Elizabeth Reiss
Nikki Jackson
Eric A. Smith


Monteze Freeland, Artistic Associate
Mark Whitehead, Resident Sound Designer
Carl Southers III, Box Office
Cheryl El-Walker, Resident Costumer
Eric Donaldson, Marketing Design
Steven Doerfler, Website

Current as of April 2017.