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Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre’s Mission

Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company is rooted in the African American community, and its mission is to produce the works of local racially and culturally diverse playwrights as well as Pittsburgh themed plays. We provide a nurturing environment for all who work on and off the stage, and build and serve a culturally diverse audience that can strengthen our civic community. We believe that bridges are built when diverse groups of people work together to make and experience the arts, and the stories that art told through the arts.

We seek to nurture a racially and culturally diverse community of theatre professionals, while supporting a similarly diverse management staff and board of directors who, working together, develop audiences that reflect the diversity of Pittsburgh’s community.

Our goal is to be a center of learning, discovery and connection for emerging and established local theatre artists. We work to encourage new playwriting, directing, acting and designing in Pittsburgh, especially among people who may not have the opportunity to see their work produced. This includes emerging artists, artists from marginalized communities, and people who are self-taught or new to the arts.

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