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Ground Up Theatre Training

What is Ground Up Theatre Training?

For 17 years Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater Company has trained people on and behind the stage. Artists sought us out to help them start their careers because they saw people like themselves here.  We knew our method of giving individual attention while expecting accountability fostered growth, but we were always too busy to establish a formal training program, until now. With the help of the RK Mellon Foundation, we are proud to announce the establishment of the Ground Up Theatre Training program. We’ve assessed the regional theatre environment, and determined that our training will focus on:

  • Sound Design for Stage
  • The Art of Lighting Design
  • Costume Design and Assistance
  • Stage Management
  • Scenic Design and Construction
  • Stage Combat
  • Makeup Design and Application

Why is This So Important?

Ground Up Theatre Training is designed to address challenges in the theater community that Pittsburgh has long faced: 

  • Shortages of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) representation in backstage talent.
  • Lack of training opportunities for BIPOC artists.
  • Lack of skill diversity within the field.
  • Lack of access and advancement in theater careers for the African-American community. 

Guidelines: Who is it For?

  • Those who are interested in theater but have no access to learning about the field.
  • Those that are already engaged in the theater but need to diversify their training to be more employable.
  • Those who need more training to earn better rates.
  • The program is specifically designed for BIPOC artists, and open to those 20 years old or older.

Our Classes

  • For the first semester, we will offer classes in Sound Design, Lighting Design, Costume Design and Stage Management. Rolling enrollment began on January 4th 2021.
  • For the second semester, later in 2021, we will offer classes in Scenic Design and Construction, Stage Combat, and Makeup Design and Application.

Want More Information?

Contact Monteze Freeland, Program Director of Ground Up Theatre Training at the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre with any questions by clicking below.