Virtual Theatre Season FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our 2020-2021 Virtual Theatre Season

How does PPTCO’s 2020-2021 virtual theatre season work?

We will present our 17th season for free viewing online. While we had originally hoped to offer in-person ticketing for some of this spring’s performances, we no longer think that will be possible due to safety considerations.

How do I watch a show?

Each show will be online for four weeks, starting with a Facebook Live watch party. You can watch on Facebook during our watch party, or you can watch at any time after that during the following four weeks, by following the directions on each show’s page during its run. A link to watch that show will be sent back to you automatically by email. (Please check your spam folder if you don’t see it.)

Can I watch your shows on my television?

Sure, see our help page here.

Do I have to watch it online at a certain time?

No. Each show will be available for four weeks.

How do I get an in-person ticket?

We no longer expect to be able to safely offer in-person ticketing for this spring’s online shows, but will resume in-person ticketing once it’s safe.

Wasn’t hypersensitive originally scheduled to premiere in October?

Yes, in November we changed the production order, and switched to a free-with-donations model. At this time (January 22nd) we have not yet announced its new premiere date. You can join our mailing list to ensure you know when it premieres!

What about Ubuntu Holiday?

Unlike this season’s other shows, which will be new recordings, our holiday offering Ubuntu Holiday was a recording of our popular December 2014 production.

How can I support your productions?

You can donate here. Thank you!