Virtual Theatre Season FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our 2020-2021 Virtual Theatre Season

How does PPTCO’s 2020-2021 virtual theatre season work?

We will present our 17th season for purchase online, with in-person ticketing options also available for certain productions (if conditions at production time permit).

How do I get an online ticket?

You can order a $99 subscription here, or purchase each individual show for $25 using the buttons on our home page.

Do I have to watch it online at a certain time?

No. After we record each show and it’s ready for online viewing, we’ll send an email to all purchasers. You can then choose any time you like to watch the recorded performance. You could watch it that same day, or the following week if you prefer, at any time of the day or night.

Once you start watching by pressing the Play button, you’ll have a 48 hour window to finish watching. So if you can’t watch the whole video at once, you can return to it later. You can rewind or jump forward as you like. The video window ends 48 hours after you first press Play to unlock the video. Each production will have its own separate 48 hour viewing window, and you’ll decide when each one starts.

Several people in my household want to watch. Do I need to purchase one ticket for each?

No, each household only needs to purchase a single ticket or subscription, which provides a single 48 hour viewing window for each individual show. Anyone in your household can watch during that window.

Can I test if the video player will work for me?

Sure. Here’s a test video which uses the same video player (by Vimeo) as each production will. Tap the Play icon and you should see video and hear music.

Expand the video to full-screen by clicking the icon with four arrows pointing outwards, near the lower right corner of the video.

How do I get an in-person ticket?

We’ll announce that as we get closer to each production date.

Wasn’t hypersensitive originally scheduled to premiere in October?

Yes, we’re running behind. We’ll have an announcement soon.

What about Ubuntu Holiday?

Unlike this season’s other shows, which will be new recordings, our holiday offering Ubuntu Holiday will be a recording of our popular December 2014 production.

Which shows will offer in-person ticketing, in addition to online tickets?

We expect to offer in-person ticketing for hypersensitive in November 2020 and Viva:BLACK [Volume 1] in May 2021.

How can I support your productions?

You can add a donation to your order, or donate here. Thank you!

Promo video:
Vie Boheme photo by Bill Cameron Photography
Music: daedalus by Kai Engel, via Free Music Archive (CC BY 4.0)