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Theatre Festival in Black and White: Holiday Edition (2013)

The Tenth Annual Theatre Festival in Black and White: Holiday Edition!, Pittsburgh Playwrights’ signature event. Festival Ran December 5th through 17th, 2013.

  • Just Jesus, by Marlon Erik Youngblood, directed by Kaitlin Mausser. With Lesely Crawford, Ife Foy, Leo Beatty, Amaru Williams, Eugene Banks.
  • True Meaning, by Andrew Ade, directed by Rita Gregory. With Tonya Lynn, Adam Rutledge, Tonia Marie. Video: playwright and director discuss the play.
  • And To All A Good Night, by Lissa Brennan, directed by Cheryl El Walker. With Jamilah Chanie, William “Bill” Blair, Sara Fisher, Willa Cotten, LaMar Darnell.
  • St Clair Xmas, by Wali Jamal, directed by Marcus Muzopappa. With Wali Jamal, Paul Guggenheimer, Judy Kaplan, Deborah Starling, Charles E Timbers Jr., Art Terry, Mont Jones.
  • Cornucopia, by Tammy Ryan, directed by Ashley Southers. With Andy Kirkland, Laura Hoffman, Aliya Sims, Candace Walker.
  • We Need A Ramadan, by Aasiyah El-Rice, directed by Vince Ventura. With Candace Walker, Mayme Williams, Sam Lothard, Camille Washington, Vince Ventura.
  • Hanukkah in the Back Country, by Judy Meiksin, directed by Kim El. With Tonya Lynn, Christine Marie, Shenita Williams.
  • Where I First Saw The Light, by Dr. Tameka Cage Conley, directed by T.C. Brown. With Dionysus Westbrooks, Ben Blazer, Jonas Chaney, Barney McKeena.
  • Christmas Star, by Ray Werner, directed by Monteze Freeland. With Trevor Butler, Les Howard, Marcia L. Jones.
  • An Ubuntu Holiday, by Kim El, directed by Stephen Santa. With Crystal Beatty, Larry Scott, Candace Walker, Nia Washington. Video: playwright and director discuss the play. Video: Watch this full one-act play.

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