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2013 Productions

March 2013
Kim El in Straightening Combs

Straightening Combs

By Kim El
Directed by Chrystal Bates.

An autobiographical one-woman play.

Review: City Paper

April – May 2013
Chrystal Bates in Ma Noah

Ma Noah

By Mark Clayton Southers.
Directed by Tracey Turner.

Preview: Pittsburgh Magazine
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June 2013
Chrystal Bates and Mark Clayton Southers in Radio Golf

Radio Golf

By August Wilson
Directed by Eileen J. Morris

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Video: KDKA interview
View the Radio Golf program booklet (PDF)

October 2013

Sold: Renn Woods in Concert

A scene from Sold

A Play In Rhythm and Blues

By Renn Woods
Directed by Mark Clayton Southers and Monteze Freeland

Preview: Post-Gazette

Review: New Pittsburgh CourierHotep the Artist

December 2013

Theatre Festival in Black and White: Holiday Edition

Pittsburgh Playwrights’ signature event, featuring these one-act plays:

Just Jesus, by Marlon Erik Youngblood, directed by Kaitlin Mausser.
True Meaning, by Andrew Ade, directed by Rita Gregory.
And To All A Good Night, by Lissa Brennan, directed by Cheryl El Walker.
St Clair Xmas, by Wali Jamal, directed by Marcus Muzopappa.
Cornucopia, by Tammy Ryan, directed by Ashley Southers.
We Need A Ramadan, by Aasiyah El-Rice, directed by Vince Ventura.
Hanukkah in the Back Country, by Judy Meiksin, directed by Kim El.
Where I First Saw The Light, by Dr. Tameka Cage Conley, directed by T.C. Brown.
Christmas Star, by Ray Werner, directed by Monteze Freeland.
An Ubuntu Holiday, by Kim El, directed by Stephen Santa.

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Guest Productions

August 2013: Hosted a MerryRam production of The Cemetery Club, by Ivan Menchell, directed by Marcus Muzopappa.

July 2013: Hosted Pittsburgh Pride Theater Festival. Featured plays:

Is that a Gun in Your Pocket… by Carol Mullen, directed by Monteze Freeland.
The Session by Wali Jamal, directed by Kim El.
Sibling Rivalry by Kathryn Miller Haines, directed by Kaitlin Mausser.
Defense of Marriage by Jeff Cordell, directed by Melissa Hill Grande.