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Theatre Festival in Black and White (2012)

Leslie ‘Ezra’ Smith and Jamilah Muhammed in Redneck Revenge

The Ninth Annual Theatre Festival in Black and White, Pittsburgh Playwrights’ signature event. The festival ran November 3rd through November 17th, 2012.

  • The Tool, By Mike Schwartz. Directed by Ron Black. With Marcus Muzopappa, Tonya Lynn, Barney McKenna.
  • The Vows, By Devonne Goode. Directed by Kaitlin Mausser. With LaTrea Rembert, Lamar Fields, Jamilah Muhammed, Cheryl White.
  • Diseased, By Eva Diodati. Directed by Lissa Brennan. With Barney McKenna, Andy Kirtland, Lissa Brennan.
  • Styrofoam Cup, By Judy Meiksin. Directed by Myneesha Miller. With Darla Eisler, Charlotte Miley.
  • Bridge City, By Ted Elrick. Directed by Vendell Nasir II. With Alyse Hogan, Felicia Cooper, Harrison Single.
  • Perception, By Alexis Payne. Directed by Kyle Bostian. With Brittany Jovan, Andy Kirtland, Tess DeStefano.
  • The Home Stretch, By Les Abromovitz. Directed by Kim El. With AnneLouise Feeny, Claire Fraley, Staci Backauskas.
  • Casual Fridays, By Pat Golden. Directed by Michael Moats. With Vendell Nasir II, Andy Kirtland, Mauricio Acousta, Monn Washing, Ian Pisarcik, Claire Fraley.
  • Redneck Revenge, By Ray Werner. Directed by Tracey Turner. With T.C. Brown, Jamilah Muhammed, Bill Crean, Lissa Brennan, Leslie ‘Ezra’ Smith.
  • Comfort Zone, By Marlon Youngblood. Directed by Mark Whitehead. With Anthony Chisholm, Edwin Lee Gibson, Mark Clayton Southers, Cheryl El-Walker, Monn Washington.

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Click to view or download the festival program (PDF format)