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2012 Productions

February 2012

Elder Hostages

By Ray Werner
Directed by Marci Woodruff

An evening of one-act plays: 

Mum’s the Word
Wandering Angus
Night Song

Ran February 11th – 26th 2012.

Preview: Post-Gazette
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February 2012

The Gammage Project

By Attilio Favorini
Directed by Mark Clayton Southers
A co-production with University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre.

Reviews: Post-GazetteTribCity PaperWRCT.

View the extensive press coverage of this production at the link below.

June 2012

Gem of the Ocean

By August Wilson
Directed by Mark Clayton Southers
In association with the August Wilson Center

Chrystal Bates as Aunt Ester and Alan Bomar Jones as Solly

“As in the past, Southers and his company give vitality and depth to Wilson’s plays, honoring the often brilliant, always fascinating Pittsburgh playwright.”
Gordon Spencer, WRCT Radio

“Chrystal Bates’ portrayal of the nearly-three century-old Aunt Ester was nothing short of mesmerizing”
C. Denise Johnson, New Pittsburgh Courier

“Powerful images and heartfelt performances”
Bob Hoover, Post-Gazette

“The richest of all Wilson’s plays”
Ted Hoover, City Paper

August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean features the potent power of Aunt Ester, Wilson’s gatekeeper to spiritual matters, and the hearts of the Hill residents she loves. When Aunt Ester opens her home to the troubled Citizen Barlow, a recent migrant from the rural South, a battle ensues not only within Citizen, who begs Aunt Ester to “wash his soul,” but also between Citizen and Caesar Wilks, a stern man of the law, threatened by Citizen’s independence and defiance of his authority. As Solly Two Kings becomes a mentor for Citizen and a model of a man, bound by nothing but freedom, Citizen must choose a past steeped in fear, or a future made glorious with destiny and purpose.

Our ninth production of Mr. Wilson’s ten play Pittsburgh Century Cycle.

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Interview: KQV

November 2012

Theatre Festival in Black and White

Leslie ‘Ezra’ Smith and Jamilah Muhammed in Redneck Revenge

The Ninth Annual Theatre Festival in Black and White, Pittsburgh Playwrights’ signature event.

The Tool, By Mike Schwartz. Directed by Ron Black.
The Vows, By Devonne Goode. Directed by Kaitlin Mausser.
Diseased, By Eva Diodati. Directed by Lissa Brennan.
Styrofoam Cup, By Judy Meiksin. Directed by Myneesha Miller.
Bridge City, By Ted Elrick. Directed by Vendell Nasir II.
Perception, By Alexis Payne. Directed by Kyle Bostian.
The Home Stretch, By Les Abromovitz. Directed by Kim El.
Casual Fridays, By Pat Golden. Directed by Michael Moats.
Redneck Revenge, By Ray Werner. Directed by Tracey Turner.
Comfort Zone, By Marlon Youngblood. Directed by Mark Whitehead.

Reviews: Post-GazetteCity PaperNew Pittsburgh Courier
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