By Ray Werner
Directed by John Amplas
November 9th through 17th 2018
Part of the Ray Werner Play Festival
At Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre

The love of Capuchin missionary Father Paddy for his people in Papua New Guinea, and fellow Capuchin Father Tom’s struggle with his priesthood, intersect on the day of its independence in 1975. The Huli folktale of SumiSami fuels this battle of cultures and drives a stake into the heart of celibacy. A world premiere tragedy from Pittsburgh’s own Ray Werner.

Part of the Ray Werner Play Festival. Purchase individual tickets here (just $15 in honor of PPTCO’s 15th anniversary), or buy a festival pass and save!

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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Nov/Dec 2018
At the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre
937 Liberty Avenue, 3rd floor
Nov 8
7 PM Raphael
Nov 9
8 PM Sumi
Nov 10
2 PM Sumi
8 PM Raphael
Nov 11
2 PM Raphael
7 PM Sumi
Nov 15
7 PM Sumi
Nov 16
8 PM Raphael
Nov 17
2 PM Raphael
8 PM Sumi
Nov 23
8 PM Drubble
Nov 24
8 PM Oneacts
Nov 25
7 PM Drubble
2 PM Oneacts
Nov 29
7 PM Drubble
Nov 30
8 PM Oneacts
Dec 1
2 PM Oneacts
8 PM Drubble
Dec 2
2 PM Drubble
7 PM Oneacts

Festival plays: SumiSami, Raphael’s Angels, Our Lady of Drubbleduffy, One Acts (Christmas Tassel Bell and The Stuttering Pig).

Illustration by Brandon Jennings, Graphic design by Larkin Werner.