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2005 Productions

January 2005: The Butter and Egg Man, by George S. Kaufman, directed by John E. Lane, Jr. With Jeff Simpson, Bridget Carey, Dan Brown, Don DiGiulio, Juliette Mariani, Jim Hee, Connie Culbertson, Jay Keenan, John Reoli, Chris Sullivan, Jill Jeffrey, Liz Colteryahn.
Preview: Post-Gazette.

March 2005: Marian Visions, by Ted Hoover, directed by Ted Hoover. With Bridget Carey, Audrey Castracane, Don DiGiulio, Tressa Glover, Dale Irvin, Lori Maxwell, Corey Rieger, Jeffrey R. Simpson.

April 2005: August in April, Vignettes by August Wilson, coproduction with Pittsburgh Cultural Trust at Byham Theater. Including excerpts from King Hedley II, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, The Piano Lesson, Jitney, and other plays by August Wilson. Directed by Mark Clayton Southers, Eileen Morris, Vernell Lillie, Corey Rieger, Ron OJ Parson, and Art Terry. With Lamman Rucker, Ben Cain, Don Marshall, Art Terry, Lonzo Green, Daniel Wright, Ruel Davis, Teri Bridges, Vanessa German, Nathan James, Leo Beatty, Wali Jamal, Rita Gregory, Tyla Abercrumbie.

May 2005: Nine Days in the Sun, by Mark Clayton Southers, directed by Corey Rieger. With Jeff Ash, Jonathan Berry, Vicki Thompson Bey, Ken Champion, Nadia Cook-Loshilov, Lonzo Green, Wali Jamal, Kori Mallon, Charlie Murphy, Meredith Pierce, Carter Redwood, Jennifer Sinatra, Mark Smith, Mark Thompson, Mayme Williams.

June 2005: Second Annual Pittsburgh Pride Theater Festival.
How Gay? So Gay, by Jeffrey Cordell, directed by Jeffrey Cordell. With Sentell Harper, Kevin Koch, Richard C. Smith.
Break Room, by Gayle Pazerski, directed by Brian Czarniecki. With Meg Stiles, Kendra McLaughlin, Regan Harris.
Little Buddies, by Americus Rocco, directed by Ginger Lawrence. With Marcia Urban, P. J. Tiberio, Robert DiDonato, Joe Pauley.
I Won’t Dance, Don’t Ask Me, by Paula Martinac, directed by Mark Clayton Southers. With Bridget Carey, Nathan Hollabaugh.
Clean Sheets, by F. J. Hartland, directed by Beth Hommel. With John Feightner, Chris Sullivan, Jason Kirsch.
Laughing All the Way, by Carol Mullen, directed by Nona Gerard. With Gab Bonnesso, Autumn Ayers.
Sibling Rivalry, by Kathryn Miller Haines, directed by David Minniefield. With Katie Case, Alaina Salks, Liz Labacz.
Places We’ve Lived, by Milan Stitt, directed by Ted Hoover. With Jett Canary, Eric Hess.

August 2005: Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, by August Wilson, directed by Eileen J. Morris. With Ben Cain, Wali Jamal, Doug Pona, Mark Thompson, Teri Bridgett, Christina Maria Acosta, Jonathan Berry, Twanda Clark, Anji Corley, Michael A. Curry, Taylor Erniece Whitley.
Review: Post-Gazette.

October 2005: Third Annual Theatre Festival In Black & White.
Burned Wood, by Erick Q. Irvis, directed by J.P. Patrick. With Jonathan Berry, Wali Jamal, Shaun McCarthy, Lonzo Green, Roger Randolph III, Emmanual Walker.
The Other Side, by Bob Gorczyca, directed by Wali Jamal. With Joseph Martinez, Mark Thompson, Wali Jamal.
When Souls Whisper, by Kim El, directed by Mark Whitehead. With Maya Randolph, Cheryl El-Walker, Delbert Taylor, Kim El.
Awash, by J. P. Patrick, directed by Eileen J. Morris. With Shelby Wyzykowski, Stephanie Figer, Eric Williams, Julie Unitas, Christina Acosta/Beth Ratas, Erik Schark.
Detention, by Wali Jamal, directed by Tara Adelizzi. With Taylor Whitley, Nadia Cook-Lashilov, Amy Watson, Meredith Pierce.
Whose Hero, by JaSonta Roberts Deen, directed by Mark Thompson. With Meredith Pierce, Erik Schark, Michelle LeWay, Leslie “Ezra” Smith, Leigha Hanby.
Hidden in Harlem, by Ginny Cunningham, directed by Ben Cain. With Leslie “Ezra” Smith, Mayme Williams, Meredith Pierce, Charmaine Page.
Phobia, by Heather Lynn McNeish, directed by Art Terry. With Jaime Slavinsky, Laura Jeanne Cerniglia, Matt Marceau.
Twenty Questions, by Rob Gorman, directed by Jeannine Foster McKelvia. With Chad McWreath, Gwen Morton.
Mixed Messages, by Lynn Jackson, directed by Joanna Lowe. With Anji Corley, JaSonta Roberts Deen, Art Terry, Shaun McCarthy, Chad McWreath.
Preview: Post-Gazette.
Review: Post-Gazette, Awards followup.

December 2005: Stain, by Corey Rieger, directed by Mark Clayton Southers. With Jay Keenan, Jeffrey Simpson, J.P. Patrick, Marcus Muzopappa, Michelle LeWay, Stephanie Figer, Everett Lowe, Bridget Carey.
Review: Post-Gazette [bad link].

December 2005: Jet Lag, written and directed by Robert Isenberg. With Erica Highberg, Adam Kukic, Joseph Lyons, Zilda Alvez.