Our Lady of Drubbleduffy

By Ray Werner
Directed by Melissa Martin
November 23rd through December 2nd 2018
Part of the Ray Werner Play Festival
At Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre

Drubbleduffy, a remote and dying town in the far West of Ireland, is desperate for tourists. A local lad visiting from Pittsburgh has a brilliant idea. But only the Blessed Mother knows how easy it is for a miracle to backfire. A world premiere comedy from Pittsburgh’s own Ray Werner.

Part of the Ray Werner Play Festival. Purchase individual tickets here (just $15 in honor of PPTCO’s 15th anniversary), or buy a festival pass and save!

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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Nov/Dec 2018
At the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre
937 Liberty Avenue, 3rd floor
Nov 8
7 PM Raphael
Nov 9
8 PM Sumi
Nov 10
2 PM Sumi
8 PM Raphael
Nov 11
2 PM Raphael
7 PM Sumi
Nov 15
7 PM Sumi
Nov 16
8 PM Raphael
Nov 17
2 PM Raphael
8 PM Sumi
Nov 23
8 PM Drubble
Nov 24
8 PM Oneacts
Nov 25
7 PM Drubble
2 PM Oneacts
Nov 29
7 PM Drubble
Nov 30
8 PM Oneacts
Dec 1
2 PM Oneacts
8 PM Drubble
Dec 2
2 PM Drubble
7 PM Oneacts

Festival plays: SumiSami, Raphael’s Angels, Our Lady of Drubbleduffy, One Acts (Christmas Tassel Bell and The Stuttering Pig).

Illustration by Brandon Jennings, Graphic design by Larkin Werner.